Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why collect signatures on a city initiative making cannabis enforcement the lowest enforcement priority?

A To ensure medical and non-medical cannabis users are not harassed by the police and to save taxpayers money.

Q Has this been done before?

A Yes. Seattle voters approved an initiative like this in 2003.

Q How many signatures are required to get this on the City of Tacoma ballot?

A 10% of those of voted for the mayor which equals 4,200 signatures.
The goal is to collect 6,500 to make up for ones that are invalid.

Q When will the signature drive begin?

A The first batch of petition sheets will be ready at 6:00 PM on Friday April 9.

Q What is the deadline for the signatures?

A Every day is a deadline, but the absolute last day to return your petition sheet from whomever you got it from is July 5, 2011.

Q Where can I sign?

A See list of places to stop by or email the campaign and a pdf file will be sent. Petitions must be printed on 11×17 paper, one side.

Q How do I become a contact person or place to have petitions available to sign or to pick-up?

A Send an email to info@CannabisReformAct.org.

Q When will this be on the ballot?

A November 8, 2011

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