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Tacoma Initiative No. 1

WHEREAS, the voters of Seattle in 2003 adopted Initiative 75 relating to making enforcement of cannabis-related offenses the lowest priority for their police department and prosecutor’s offices; and

WHEREAS, the Tacoma Municipal Code contains no similar provisions; and

WHEREAS, the city council last October unofficially made an agreement, with the then-existing medical dispensaries and cooperatives, that they and their patients would not be harassed until after the Washington State Legislature had an opportunity to clarify state Initiative 692, establishing a medical cannabis distribution structure this year; and

WHEREAS, House Bill 1550 failed to make it out of committee and Senate Bill 5073 has been watered down as of the date of this petition’s filing:

Be it ordained by the voters in the City of Tacoma that:

A new ordinance is adopted and new sections of Tacoma Municipal Code Title 8 are hereby adopted:

Section 1. Findings and Intent – The voters of the City of Tacoma find that there is a compelling need to reduce the enforcement of criminal and civil penalties against the users of both medical and non-medical cannabis. This reduction will not only minimize or eliminate harassment against lawfully-consuming cannabis patients, and will  have financial savings in the city’s  budget.

Section 2. Subject – This Act deals with the implementation of policy relating to law enforcement. This Act is to be known as the


Section 3. Text – The police chief and city attorney shall make the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of cannabis (a/k/a “marijuana”) offenses the lowest enforcement priority, as this term may be defined in their policies and procedures manuals, for adult personal use.

Section 4. Code Provisions – New code sections 8.28.005, 8.29.005, 8.72.005, and 8.160.005 are hereby created and added to Title 8 of the TMC, each containing the language of Section 3.

Section 5. Severability – The provisions of this ordinance are declared to be separate and severable. The voters of  Tacoma declare that they support each of the provisions of this Act independently, and their support for this Act would not be diminished if one or more of its provisions were to be held invalid, or if any of them were adopted by the City Council and the others sent to the voters for approval.

Section 6. Interpretation – This Act is to be liberally construed to achieve the defined intent of the voters.


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