Tacoma Cannabis Initiative no April Fools Day prank

The City of Tacoma will issue a ballot title today for a Tacoma citizen’s cannabis initiative.

The Initiative is No. 1

The ballot title reads:

“This Initiative amends Tacoma Municipal Code Title 8 to provide that marijuana or cannabis offenses be the lowest enforcement priority of the City of Tacoma.”

Shall this be approved?   [  ] Yes     [  ] No

The Tacoma initiative is similar to an initiative passed by Seattle voters in 2003.

Justin Prince filed the initiative two weeks ago and the deadline for the city to issue the ballot title is no later than 5:00 PM today.

“This is not an April Fools joke”, Prince emphasized.

Prince is a volunteer with JustBlazed, the citizen group that filed the initiative.
“After the way I was treated by the Tacoma police last July at my medical marijuana dispensary, I got energized to make sure valuable city police resources are no longer wasted on enforcing cannabis offenses,” Prince stated.

The city initiative process allows 180 days to collect the signatures.

According to The Tacoma City Charter the number of valid signatures must be equal to ten percent (10%) of the votes cast in the last Mayoral election.

As there were 41,014 votes cast in the 2009 Mayoral race but 2,425  were “under votes.”

The question remains, what is the real number? 41,014 or 38,575.

Whatever the number is,  4,101 or 3,857 valid signatures, the campaign will turn in enough for the initiative to be put on the November 8th General Election Ballot.

“We have 180 days, but we intend to collect all the required signatures before July 5th so we can ensure that Initiative No. 1 makes the November ballot. Our goal is to collect 6,500 signatures as quickly as possible so we can send a message to officials in Tacoma that we want the dispensaries left alone Prince stated.

The process takes five more business days before signature gathering can begin.
Petition sheets are expected to be distributed after 6:00 PM on Friday, April 8.

“We’re ready to hit the streets and get those signatures. People have heard about this and are anxious to sign,” Prince said.
For more information visit www.CannabisReformAct.org, email info@CannabisReformAct.org or call 253-229-7856.

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