How to Volunteer

420 League

info@CannabisReformAct.org to create a team
Teams must turn in 420 signatures by June 15 Teams can have any number of players

Team players
Will receive recognition at Tacoma Hemp Fest
Will receive free Hemp fest T-shirt
Will receive special one of a kind Keif Box

(1 per team)
All team members will be part of the
“We did it!” group photo

Each team player will receive a
Special 420 League cap

Top Collectors receive a special hat
100 signatures = white cap
200 signatures = green cap

Make a signature pledge!

Pledge to collect 200 signatures by May 15, 2011.

We only need 33 people or businesses to make this pledge. It takes the average petitioner about 5 hours to collect 100 signatures.

The best place to petition is where you buy your groceries. Ask first! Schedule time with the store manager and plan to work during the busiest times.

Best times to petition at your local grocery store are:
Monday – Friday from 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Saturday mornings beginning at 11:00 AM

Donate 10 hours of time to get those 200 signatures and help us let the voters decide.

Let’s get the signatures in fast so the campaign can begin!

200 too many? No problem, make your pledge of any am0unt today and let’s all work together collecting signatures to get the job done.

Onward to the ballot!

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